5 Star Chef Food Sealer Machine

Verical Vacuum Food Sealer Machine
The vacuum sealer can seal food according to their type and comes with a drip tray
to catch excess liquid.

* Adjustable speed
* Removable drip tray - Catches excess liquid from the food
* Moist and dry food settings
* Adjustable sealing level
* Built-in roll holder
* Up to 30cm wide vacuum and sealing size
* LED light indicator
* Includes a canister hose - works on certain canisters and wine stoppers
* Powerful piston type pump and motor
* Vacuum pressure up to -0.85bar
* SAA approved

* Voltage: 220-240V/50HZ
* Power: 120W
* Colour: Silver
* Dimension: 42 x 12.2 x 21cm

Package Contents
1 x Vacuum food sealer machine
1 x Vacuum Food Roll
5 x Vacuum Food Bag
1 x User Manual

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